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In a steel-and-lead-encased bunker 40 feet below the basement level of his house, Captain Lee Harden of the United States Army waits. On the surface, a plague ravages the planet, infecting over 90% of the populace. The bacterium burrows through the brain, destroying all signs of humanity and leaving behind little more than base, prehistoric instincts. The infected turn into hyper-aggressive predators, with an insatiable desire to kill and feed. Some day soon, Captain Harden will have to open the hatch to his bunker, and step out into this new wasteland, to complete his very simple mission: Subvenire Refectus.

To Rescue and Rebuild.

§ 13 Responses to About this story…

  • Walter says:

    Ok, lets get started on this ride!

  • John delgrecio says:

    So I bought it on amazon as I read it for free and figured I owed you that much for such a good written book, but my question is. Is that it? after chapter 20 is it done? on Amazon it stops there but it feels like there is a lot to be said, I was unhappy how it ended. Sure I got my 2.99 worth but sort of dejected feeling like there was more.

    • The Remaining is the first installment of a much larger story. Because I wanted the larger story to flow naturally, I didn’t want to cram Chapter 20 full of last-minute explanations. Rest assured, the second portion of the story picks up right where we left off in The Remaining. I hope that you will keep an eye out for the next installment and as always, thanks for reading!

  • John delgrecio says:

    Got the new book, thanks a lot, Keep up the great work. Look forward to the next one after I finish reading this one i’m sure.

  • chris williamson says:

    I Just got done with book one a few days ago and just finished book two a few minutes ago. What a great ride so far. Wanted to let you know this series is now my favorite post apocalypse story. I reviewed both books on amazon I hope it helps you get more followers. Keep up the good work.

  • Laurie says:

    Ive totally enjoyed both books in the series and can’t wait for book 3! It creeped me out and I can’t get to sleep. Always looking out the windows and expecting to see raving loonies in my quiet suburban neighborhood. Wow! What a great story!!

  • evsalon says:

    By far the best post apocalyptic book story in a long time. hope the book is as fun to write like it is to read.

  • Kyle says:

    Read both books! Amazing look at a post apocolyptic world and a real hro who is just as vulnerable as any other. When can we expect the third installment because I am so ecited to see where it goes from the end of the 2nd with that nice little twist at the end. Great read:)

  • Norm says:

    Fantastic read ! I downloaded and read both books in one week, I couldn’t put it down. The attention to detail really lends to the realism and draws you into the story as well as fantastic character development. I can’t wait for book 3 !!

  • T A says:


    I live in the Triangle, so its great to be able to read a survival thriller that takes place in a place that you can relate too.

    Mention of streets that I travel make it fun to follow.

    I cannot wait for the next installment. The only gripe I have (and was probably done to manage the characters) was that there is only one coordinator per state in Project Hometown.

    I find it hard to believe that the US Army/HLS wouldn’t at least have a small squad to help save humanity after a total collapse.

    Anyways, that’s really my only feedback and it may have been addressed.

    Excellent read, and if you’re in the Triangle, would love to buy you a beer for that.

  • Gregg says:

    I’m trying to find contact info for DJ about making The Remaining into an audiobook. is there contact info anywhere?

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